John Hageby foredrag hos Interfoto

John Hageby foredrag hos Interfoto

After wrapping up yesterdays shoot for MIX I shot off over to Interfoto to see the swedish photographer John Hagby in action. That must be the best decision I´ve made all year! Interfoto are great at getting solid photographers to their Oslo-based shop for technical and inspirational lectures. As the bell rang 3 o’clock John made his way to the “stage” in front of a crowd of eager photographers on the edge of their seats.

Before long he was talking about lighting on location and light quality which just happens to be my favorite topic. We were also privy to a few studio lighting secrets as the lecture went on and I had a few AHA moments. And then came the “studio” part, oh what a part!

John split the studio part in two sections based on two features found in the Olympus E-M1 mk2; High Res Shot and Pro Capture. First out was the High Res Shot which, in short, is Olympus telling you that with a mirrorless 20MP camera you can get a 80MP raw file. The camera captures 8 images which it then weaves together to create a monster. As with most monsters there´s usually something wrong with them and according to first two websites that popped up on google: and this monster has a few ticks. I know; “Only two websites Frederick??!! That´s poor research!” I agree, but as with most things I like to test it out for myself instead of just reading about it. Luckely I´ve actually got the camera in question and will be testing the High Res Shot function for myself and post the results in a future blog post.

NOW…. On to the part of yesterday that really got my heart going!

Freezing a waterballoon being popped using studioflashes modelling lights, Olympus´ Pro Capture and a whopping 60fps

Pro Capture mode + 60fps + popping a waterballoon on a model! Just like the amazingly amazing images by Tim Tadder <– click to see them

The Nikon D810 can´t boast about being fast but in this case I got lucky with my timing

Thank you so much for the inspiration boost John Hagby and Interfoto! Looking forward to next time 😀

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